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Shoulder Procedures

  • GPS-guided Shoulder Replacement

    Img-GPS-guided Shoulder Replacement

    For a successful total shoulder replacement, accurate positioning of the implants is crucial to accomplish...

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  • Proximal Biceps Tenodesis

    Img-Proximal Biceps Tenodesis

    Proximal biceps tenodesis is the surgical reattachment of a torn proximal biceps tendon, which connects...

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  • Open Shoulder Stabilization

    Img-Open Shoulder Stabilization

    Open shoulder stabilization is a surgical procedure performed to treat a condition called shoulder instability.

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  • Distal Tibial Allograft Glenoid Reconstruction

    Img-Distal Tibial Allograft Glenoid Reconstruction

    Glenoid reconstruction with distal tibial allograft is a surgical technique employed in the treatment of recurrent shoulder...

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  • Sternoclavicular Joint Reconstruction

    Img-Sternoclavicular Joint Reconstruction

    Sternoclavicular joint reconstruction is a surgical procedure employed to repair and restore full function...

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  • Revision Shoulder Replacement

    Img-Revision Shoulder Replacement

    Total shoulder replacement usually has good results, but a revision surgery may occasionally be necessary due to persistent pain...

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  • Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery

    Img-Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery

    Shoulder reconstruction surgery is an operative procedure in which stretched or torn soft-tissue structures...

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  • Arthroscopic Acromioplasty

    Img-Arthroscopic Acromioplasty

    Acromioplasty is the surgical removal of a small part of the surface of the acromion...

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  • Humeral Shaft Fracture Repair

    Img-Humeral Shaft Fracture Repair

    The humerus is the bone that forms the upper arm. It articulates with the glenoid cavity of the scapula...

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  • AC Joint Stabilization

    Img-AC Joint Stabilization

    Acromioclavicular (AC) joint stabilization is a surgical procedure employed to treat severe...

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  • Outpatient Shoulder Replacement

    Img-Outpatient Shoulder Replacement

    Outpatient shoulder replacement is a surgery that does not require an overnight hospital stay.

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  • Suprascapular Nerve Release

    Img-Suprascapular Nerve Release

    Suprascapular nerve release, also known as suprascapular nerve decompression, is a surgical procedure...

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  • AC Joint Arthroplasty

    Img-AC Joint Arthroplasty

    Acromioclavicular (AC) joint arthroplasty, also known as the Mumford procedure or distal clavicle...

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  • Arthroscopic Latarjet for Shoulder Instability

    Img-Arthroscopic Latarjet for Shoulder Instability

    Arthroscopic latarjet for shoulder instability is a novel minimally invasive surgical procedure to treat...

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  • Anterior Shoulder Stabilization

    Img-Anterior Shoulder Stabilization

    Anterior shoulder stabilization is a surgical procedure performed to treat a condition called anterior...

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  • ORIF of the Scapula Fractures

    Img-ORIF of the Scapula Fractures

    The scapula (shoulder blade) is a flat, triangular bone providing attachment to the muscles of the back...

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  • Complex Shoulder Reconstruction

    Img-Complex Shoulder Reconstruction

    Shoulder reconstruction is a surgical procedure performed in patients to alleviate shoulder instability...

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  • Posterior Shoulder Stabilization

    Img-Posterior Shoulder Stabilization

    Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a regenerative treatment option that involves injecting a concentrated solution...

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  • Revision Rotator Cuff Repair

    Img-Revision Rotator Cuff Repair

    Rotator cuff repair is a surgery to repair an injured or torn rotator cuff.

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  • Shoulder Stabilization

    Img-Shoulder Stabilization

    Shoulder stabilization surgery is performed to improve stability and function to the shoulder joint and prevent...

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  • Capsular Release

    Img-Capsular Release

    A capsular release of the shoulder is surgery performed to release a tight and stiff shoulder...

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  • Shoulder Surgery

    Img-Shoulder Surgery

    Shoulder surgery is a surgical procedure for the treatment of a shoulder injury or shoulder condition.

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  • Partial Shoulder Replacement

    Img-Partial Shoulder Replacement

    Partial shoulder replacement, also called shoulder hemiarthroplasty, is a surgical procedure...

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  • Shoulder Preservation Surgery

    Img-Shoulder Preservation Surgery

    Shoulder preservation surgery is any surgical procedure that is aimed at preserving the structure...

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  • Open Glenoid Bone Grafting

    Img-Open Glenoid Bone Grafting

    The glenoid, also called the glenoid cavity or glenoid fossa, is a shallow depression in the shoulder blade...

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  • AC Joint Repair

    Img-AC Joint Repair

    AC joint repair is a surgical procedure performed to repair damaged or torn ligaments and tendons...

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  • ORIF of Clavicle Fractures

    Img-ORIF of Clavicle Fractures

    A clavicle fracture refers to a broken collarbone and is a common injury associated with contact sports...

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  • ORIF Proximal Humerus Fracture

    Img-ORIF Proximal Humerus Fracture

    A proximal humerus fracture is a break in the upper arm bone near the shoulder joint.

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  • Shoulder Capsular Repair

    Img-Shoulder Capsular Repair

    Shoulder capsular repair is a surgical procedure to treat shoulder instability that does not improve...

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  • Subacromial Decompression

    Img-Subacromial Decompression

    Subacromial decompression is a surgical procedure performed for the treatment of a condition called shoulder impingement.

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  • Proximal Humerus Resection and Reconstruction

    Img-Proximal Humerus Resection and Reconstruction

    The proximal humerus is a common site for benign, primary malignant, or metastatic neoplasms.

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  • Periprosthetic Shoulder Fracture Fixation

    Img-Periprosthetic Shoulder Fracture Fixation

    A periprosthetic shoulder fracture is a fracture that occurs in the bone adjacent to a shoulder prosthesis.

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  • Revision Rotator Cuff Surgery

    Img-Revision Rotator Cuff Surgery

    Revision rotator cuff surgery is a procedure done to repair a re-tear in the rotator cuff after a failed initial...

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  • Complex Fracture Repair of the Shoulder

    Img-Complex Fracture Repair of the Shoulder

    Complex fracture repair of the shoulder is a surgical procedure that involves the use of surgical plates and screws...

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  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for the Shoulder

    Img-Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for the Shoulder

    Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a regenerative treatment option that involves injecting a concentrated solution...

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  • Shoulder Resurfacing

    Img-Shoulder Resurfacing

    The shoulder is an active joint is prone to injuries and may also get affected by conditions such as arthritis...

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  • Computer Navigation for Shoulder Replacement

    Img-Computer Navigation for Shoulder Replacement

    Computer navigated shoulder replacement is an image-guided, minimally invasive surgical procedure in which the damaged...

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