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Jared Foran, MD's Patient Stories

  • Jill’s Same Day Knee Surgery Success

  • Identical twins undergo identical knee replacements

  • Jane and "Knee-Na" - Total Knee Replacement

  • Vicki’s Story - Life After a Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement

  • Getting back to Yoga after a Knee Replacement - Maryann's Story


Steve & Doug's Stories

Steve & Doug's Stories

Steve Jouflas (left) and Doug Bell (right) are seen before a scrimmage at The Edge in South Jeffco. Steve has two new hips courtesy of Dr. Foran and Doug recently had a left hip replacement by Dr. Foran. Needless to say, both are very grateful to be back on the ice and stopping pucks!


Dan's Story


Dr. Foran performed hip replacements on both of Dan’s hips a few years back, and he recently sent an update of where he is now:

“I just wanted to take a minute and send you a picture that was taken at a fairly recent testing that I underwent for promotion to 7th degree black belt taekwondo master. To put it in perspective, this is a 80 year old man, doing a reverse turning kick, pivoting and balancing on a leg that has a totally replaced ankle, and a totally replaced hip. Delivering a kick, pivoting a full 180° and kicking head high with a leg that also has a full hip replacement.

I just wanted to pass it on, and let you know that I appreciate what you did. You did a great job, and the new hips allow me to train hard 3-4 times per week without pain.”


Sheri's Story

Sheri Story

Two years ago, Sheri had minimally invasive total knee arthroplasty. Today, she’s surfing in Cost Rica thanks to Dr. Foran and his team!


Julie's Story

Julie Lyons Story

Julie Lyons is a World Champion cyclist and patient of Dr. Foran. When Julie came to Panorama with knee pain in 2016, Dr Foran suggested a knee replacement to keep her doing the things she loves. Eight months after her knee replacement, Julie competed in the Gran Fondo World Championships in New York. The Gran Fondo is a 100 mile bicycle race which attracts cyclists from all over the world. The highly competitive field includes former Tour de France racers, Pan American Race champions, and Olympians.

As Julie tells it, “I am 8.5 months post-op and not only won my age group but crushed the previous record for 60-64. I actually beat all the 55-59, and had the 3rd fastest time for the 50-54 age group as well. You can tell which one is me on the top of the podium by the straight legs. Both of them straight!â€Â

Julie was one of only 3 champions from the USA. Others were from Brazil, Columbia, Italy, and Canada.

“Thank you so much, Dr. Foran, for helping me to continue with the activities I love. Although I am still working on sitting cross legged on the floor, I am ripping it up in every other aspect. I am sure that final 5% flexion is in the bag,â€Â she says. “Couldn’t have nailed it without you. You da’ bomb and I am a World Champion!


A Promise to Paschal

A Promise to Paschal, is a published article which relives the story of how Dr. Foran traveled to Africa on a medical missions trip.  However, when he found that Paschal, a Nigerian teenager, needed a procedure too complex to be performed there, he brought Paschal back to the United States for care.

Read Promise to Paschal


David Schneider, MD's Patient Stories

  • Ken's Story of a Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement with Dr. Schneider

  • Steve Hess Tells His Story of Recovering from Shoulder Surgery



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